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Konzerte im Südpunkt

So, 15.03.2015, 19.00 Uhr

Celtic Evening
mit Jane McDaniel
(Irish and American Story-Telling),
Eddie McGuire (Flöte) &
Stefan Grasse (Gitarre)

AK 15,-/12,-, VVK 13,-/10,-

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19. Nürnberger Gitarrennacht:
Una notte italiana

Schirmherr: Oberbürgermeister Dr. Ulrich Maly

Freitag, 11. Juli 2014, 20 Uhr

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Unter dem Motto „Una notte italiana“ widmet sich die 19. Nürnberger Gitarrennacht ganz der äusserst vitalen Gitarrenszene Italiens. Die italienische Kultur, die Lebensfreude und die Musik prägen unser Bild dieses Landes.
In dieser typisch unbeschwerten Art musizieren die vier klassischen Solisten des Alvarez Guitar Quartets und wandeln stilsicher zwischen klassischer und populärer Musik. Die Intention des Quartetts ist die Seele der Gitarre zu erspüren und ihre Doppelrolle in der klassischen und populären Musik zu reflektieren.
Stefano Raponi ist ein Gitarrist von außergewöhnlich hoher Virtuosität. Dabei verbindet sich sein natürlicher Spielfluss kongenial mit seinen musikalischen Instinkten. Nach zahlreichen internationalen Auszeichnungen, u.a. von Maestro Leo Brouwer, kann er auf eine eindrucksvolle weltweite Karriere zurückblicken. Begleitet wird er von seinem Meisterschüler Fabio Morosillo.
Gionni di Clemente ist ein unkonventioneller, international renommierter Multi-Instrumentalist, der neben der 10-saitigen klassischen Gitarre zahlreiche weitere Saiteninstrumente wie die Oud, die Bouzouki, die Mandoline oder die Sitar beherrscht.
Stilistisch ist Gionni di Clemente ein Grenzgänger zwischen Orient und Okzident, zwischen Jazz und ethnischen Traditionen, die die Basis für sein Trio mit Mike Rossi (Saxophon) und Francesco Savoretti (Percussion) bilden.


The Alvarez Guitar Quartet

Four classical guitarists behind with a solid experience as soloists and chamber groups, come together to overcome the limitations of repertoires narrow and repetitive at times of so-called classical music merging together in a harmonious and accomplished a rare find.
The intent of the quartet is to refer to those authors who have probed into the soul of the guitar, revealing her dual nature (classical and popular) tool has become the synthesis of their appearance and voice of their people. The route follows a musical path that goes from the authors of the previous centuries to ’900, to reach Falla, Albeniz, Bizet, Gershwin through refined transcriptions of works from the repertoire for other instrumental combinations until you get to the most interesting personalities of current music as Torroba, Domeniconi, Santorsola and York. The Alvarez Guitar Quartet has performed for important musical institutions in Italy, Europe and the United States. The members of the quartet alongside their concerts to an intense educational activity designed to raise awareness of the classical guitar, an instrument whose characteristics are enhanced musical expressiveness of each and the fine work of stringed instruments like the one done by Juan Alvarez to which the quartet dedicates its activities. The quartet from 2012 is the organizer of the "Umbria Guitar Festival" where he presented his first album "Mare Nostrum".
The Alvarez Guitar Quartet consists of:
Sandro Lazzeri, Stefano Falleri, Alessandro Zucchetti, Paolo Saltalippi


Stefano Raponi (Klassische Gitarre)

Stefano Raponi studied classical guitar with the direction of Maestro Claudio De Angelis, getting the best grades, at the conservatory of music "Morlacchi" in Perugia Italy.
For two consecutive years (1988 and 1989) he received second price at "City of Alessandria" competition and as a finalist at "Scandinavian Festival" competition in Ekkenas in 1990. With the participation at the festival in Havana Cuba in 1992 he received a special award for the best execution of required composition, which was personally awarded by the jury foreman and the famous composer Leo Brouwer.
He won a scholarship granted by the Italian society located Authors and Publishers (SIAE) thanks of this opportunity he could improve the repertoire of contemporary music taking place at an education event held under the guidance of maestro Leo Brouwer, at the same time he increaced an intense concert activity in Italy and played abroad: Mexico, France, Spain, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, USA. He has showed feats of extraordinary virtuosity which great fluids, naturalness  and with a refined musical instincts. These qualities allow him to select an eclectic repertoire.
Stefano Raponi, is present on the international guitar scene not only as a performer but also as a composer and artistic director of the Festival of Guitar "CAROSO FESTIVAL" Sermoneta (Italy). (Compilation)

Fabio Morosillo (Klassische Gitarre)

He began his musical studies in 1988 with Maestro Giuseppe Di Prospero. Later he attended a course of experimental guitar at the State School of Sezze, under the guidance of Maestro Antonio D'Augello. In September 2004 he graduated with honors under the guidance of Maestro Massimo Gasbarroni.
In June 2004, is ranked in 1st place in the National Competition "Young Musicians" Joshua Lillo Ruffano (Lecce) In December 2006 he obtained the highest marks with the "Second Level Academic Diploma in musical disciplines" at the Conservatory of Music "O. Respighi "in Latina, under the guidance of Maestro Giuseppe Gazzelloni. For about three years perfecting his studies with Maestro Stephen Raponi. He participated in numerous master classes with teachers Angelo Ferraro, Martin Madrigal and Eduardo Fernandez.
Its activity as a player starts very young at the age of 9 years, during which he has performed both as a soloist and in various chamber ensembles. (als Mitglied des Quartetto Rodrigo)

Programm Stefano Raponi:

Astor Piazzolla  - Tango suite (second guitar: Fabio Morosillo)
Mauro Giuliani - Sonata Eroica
António Pinho Vargas - Brinquedos, Tom Waits                                                     
Stefano Raponi - Un ricordo antico ….. e altro, Pensando a Cico, Presagio
Carlo Domeniconi - Koyunbaba


Impronte Mediterranee

Gionni Di Clemente: 10 string Classical Guitar, 12 string Acoustic Guitar, Oud
Mike Rossi: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet
Francesco Savoretti: Drums and Mediterranean Percussions
The starting point is to try to paint a real, quick portrait of a work that seems to happily escape any kind of classification, moving into new territories at each turn.
Jazz and experimentation on ethnic traditions are certainly the very ground on which Gionni Di Clemente, Mike Rossi and Francesco Savoretti move, comparing their experiences, their influences, interchange and confidence. Yet, as it can be easily imagined, this is not enough to represent the linear complexity of the work proposed by the three musicians.
The melody is always central in their music, and from this comes a direct and clear performance, as said before. The melody is composed of various balkan rhythms, a typical jazz plot, and oriental reflections, elements interpreted by the sounds and timbres produced by the various instruments. In both cases, sounds and rhythms reflects influences, links and experiences from different backgrounds and worlds.
These are the very “Mediterranean Footprints” contained in the title. The word “Mediterranean” here does not only mean a precise geographical place but it also carries metaphorical meanings: it points out that this is the land of synthesis and comparison, where traditions and personal intuitions can merge without intermediation. The CD tracks show precisely this: this a play among three brilliant musicians, their experiences and intentions, their voices, their stories represented by their themes.
“Footprints” here attract all the elements coming from the past, but also, at the same time, all the footsteps still to be performed.
Gionni di Clemente ist ein unkonventioneller, international renommierter Musiker als Gitarrist, Arrangeur und Komponist, der als Multi-Instrumentalist nahezu alle bekannten Saiteninstrumente beherrscht, zum Beispiel: 10-saitige Klassische Gitarre, Out, Bouzouki, Mandoline und Sitar. Stilistisch ist Gionni di Clemente ein Grenzgänger zwischen Orient und Okzident, was sich in seinen komplexen, rhythmisch-melodischen Kompositionen widerspiegelt. Seine 2006 veröffentlichte CD „Danza degli Spiriti“ fand weltweite Beachtung.

Unconventional musician, guitarist, composer and arranger, Gionni Di Clemente is well-known multi-string performer and recording artist: 10-string classical guitar, oud, 12-string acoustic, bouzouki, mandolin, sitar.
In november 2006 he published his first record (Danza degli Spiriti, ED.227), produced by DodiciLune Records, it's welcome by wide approvals of the specialized critic with valuable reviews on the greatest international musical magazines and on the web.
He  performed his music extensively in a wide variety of international settings from jazz to contemporary classic to world music, in Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Norway, Morocco, South Africa.
He has written music for film and theater and worked as an arranger for several authors
Since 2008 collaborates with the Canadian poet George Elliott Clarke writing the music to accompany the verses, interpreted by the same author, in the most important festivals in the world of poetry.
In 2012 he wrote the music for the book-cd - "Canto un mondo libero" for ETS editions, achieved through collaboration between the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice, the University of Pisa, and the University of Cape Town.
In early 2013 he released his new album "Impronte Mediterranee" recorded in trio with percussionist Francesco Savoretti and Saxophonist Mike Rossi.

Mike Rossi is Professor in Jazz and Woodwinds at the South African College of Music, University of Cape Town, South Africa.
Mike regularly performs at jazz festivals and conducts workshops and master-classes in Africa, Europe and the United States. The Mike Rossi Project (sextet) performed at numerous jazz venues in Cape Town this year, at the JazzKif Jazz Festival in Kinshasa, DRC and at the 2013 Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival in Grahamstown.
Three of Rossi’s books have been published by Advance Music, Uncommon Bebop from Common Bebop Practices and Concepts, Uncommon Etudes from Common Scales (also in Japanese) and Contrast and Continuity in Jazz Improvisation. Advance Music has also published a number of Rossi’s original compositions arranged for mixed ensemble.
His diverse recording credits include Impronte Mediterranee (Italy),The Wam Trio – Summer Ballads, featuring Mike Rossi (Italy), The Mike Rossi Project – Trespassing Permitted, Two And Four/To And Fro, For Lydia and the Lion, and Before It’s Too Late with the Darius Brubeck Quartet, Conceptions: UCT Jazz 2010, Jazz und Elektronik - Live at the Baxter, Twenty Fabulous Fingers, Common Ground with Micu Narunsky, and Two in One – Mike Rossi/Ulrich Suesse. His CD of original jazz compositions, Beauty and the Blues features jazz greats Rufus Reid, Tom McKinley and Billy Hart.
Rossi presently serves as President of SAJE (South African Association for Jazz Education) for a second term, following three terms as Secretary and is a member of JEN (Jazz Education Network) and IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz).

Francesco Savoretti studied afro-cuban percussion at University of Music in Roma and starts a path of deepening towards Mediterranean sounds with masters Arnaldo Vacca, Mohamed Abdalla, Andrea Piccioni and Massimo Carrano.
In Siena, he continued the studies of jazz percussions with master Ettore Bonafè, then go to Freibourg for the courses of masters Murat Coskun, Glèn Velez, David Kukerman and again in Crete attending the couse of Frame Drums held by Zohar Fresco.
Currently is part of the “Luca Ciarla 4et”, with wich carries on an intense musical activity all over the world (South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, United States, Switzerland, Germany, Austria), collaborates with the guitarist and composer “GIONNI DI CLEMENTE”, with ensamble “HEXPEROS”, “SPRING TRIO”, “VISIONI DALL’EST” e “LA PICCOLA ORCHESTRA PRIMAVERA”, also is part of the formations “BUSQUEDA”, “ETNOARMONIA” and “BARRIQUE”.
As percussionist has worked with different theater realities, such as: “Il Piccolo” of Milan for the staging of show of Giorgio Strehler: “La bambola Abbandonata”. With the company “Nessun teatro” brings to the stage the multimedia show “Il sogno di un teatro”, works with Paolo Bragaglia to realize the show “Passio”, participates in the cration of soundtrack of the documentary “Huellas del Corbe”, production of South American “Buena Honda Films”, and the feature film “L’uomo fiammifero”, nominated for David di Donatello.
Nowadays is bringing to the scenes the show of the director Gabriela Eleonor “Aspettiamo un’altra generazione di Italiani” with Giovanni Moschella and Cesare Bocci.

Künstlerische Leitung & Organisation:

Stefan Grasse in Kooperation mit dem KunstKulturQuartier und dem Festival st. katharina open air. Mit Unterstützung des Kulturreferates der Stadt Nürnberg, dem Bezirk Mittelfranken und der Werbeagentur Gillitzer.

Stefan Grasse wurde 1996 mit dem „Nürnberg-Stipendium“, einem Kulturförderpreis der Stadt Nürnberg ausgezeichnet: „In Anerkennung seiner förderungswürdigen Leistungen als Gitarrist und für die Durchführung der Nürnberger Gitarrennächte“. Die Konzertreihe „Nürnberger Gitarrennächte“ besteht seit 1995 und ist seitdem die älteste und erfolgreichste Konzertveranstaltung für Gitarre in Nürnberg.

Kartenreservierung und Vorverkauf:

Kultur Information, Königstr. 93
Tel. 0911-231 4000, Fax 231 7575
und an allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen.
Die Eintrittskarte ist auch ein Fahrschein im VGN.


Katharinenruine Nürnberg
Am Katharinenkloster 6


Vorverkauf € 19,-/12,- (erm.)
Abendkasse € 22,-/14,- (erm.)

Gefördert von:

Werbeagentur Gillitzer
Kulturreferat der Stadt Nürnberg
Bezirk Mittelfranken

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